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Law office Tatiana Derzhak law firm providing services in the areas of immigration and family law. Professionals of our office will provide you with legal services in a short time and at a reasonable price.


It is an economic, political, financial and social world leader, part of the "Big Eight" leading countries since 1976. This country is very cheap to do business among the "Big Eight".

Education in Canada

The highest standards of Canadian education recognized worldwide. This is evidenced by the demand for it at the international level and unquestioning popularity among students from different countries.

Canada a country of immigration

Canada - one of the few countries that has an open immigration policy. Multinational in this country is so high that no one feels here deprived. It is a country with one of the highest levels of security.

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Salary survey

In this review, you can see the size and trend of wages in different areas and regions of Canada. More


Technologically advanced and industrialized countries, Canada has a diversified economy. Details


Canada has diplomatic missions in large quantities in various parts of the world. View

Immigration to Canada

Law Offices of Tatiana derzhak provides services in the field of immigration and family law. Our office is located in Young and Eglinton, a five minute walk from the subway. We offer professional legal services at reasonable prices in the area of immigration
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